Jewellery Information

All I and I (i+i) jewellery is made from sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, 14ct Gold or 18ct Gold. Sterling silver in the UK is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It naturally tarnishes with exposure to air and the environment, as well as perfumes, lotions and perspiration. Pure Gold is very soft which makes it unsuitable for most jewellery. To make it stronger it is alloyed with other metals. i+i  offers 18ct Gold and 14ct Gold.

Gold Vermeil is a term that describes Sterling Silver with a layer of gold on top (plated). To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10ct and 1.5micrometres thick. At i+i, we plate our sterling silver with 2.5micron thick 22ct Gold.

Gold vermeil may slightly fade over time depending on wear and the amount of care taken. We offer a re-plating service; please email for more details.

All stones used by i+i are ethically sourced. As stones are naturally formed there can be slight variations with colour. 

Please see below for some tips on caring for your jewellery. If you follow these hints your jewellery should last decades! 

  • Skin and hair products (lotions and perfumes), along with other chemicals, can tarnish silver and corrode gold/stones. You are therefore advised to always remove all jewellery before using these products.
  • Try not to get blackened silver or gold vermeil jewellery wet as these finishes come off more easily with water. Likewise hot weather, sunlight and the sea can be damaging. Chlorine can permanently discolour gold, silver and plated jewellery so you should avoid wearing it in pools and hot tubs.
  • It is also advisable to remove jewellery when exercising, cleaning, gardening or any other rough or physical work. Try not to wear it overnight.
  • All jewellery should be stored separately to avoid scratching and rubbing against one another. A silk lined pouch like the one we supply is perfect for this. Stones, particularly emeralds, are very easily scratched. It is even possible to scratch a diamond with another diamond so take care when wearing and storing your diamond jewellery.
  • Do not store jewellery next to heating vents, windowsills or in the bathroom, as damp and hot conditions will cause the jewellery to tarnish.
  • To clean your jewellery rub the piece gently with a soft lint-free cloth. It is also recommended that you visit a jeweller once a year to have it cleaned professionally. This will keep them looking their best!

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