There are more slaves in the world today than at any time in history – over 27 million. India is one of the worst countries for human trafficking - 200,000 Indian children a year are sold into slavery, many by their parents for a mere $17 dollars. Almost 90% of the tens of thousands of women in the Red Light Districts of Mumbai have been sold by an uncle, husband, even a parent, to the brothels of at a really young age without consent.

For this reason 10% of all profits of i+i jewellery are donated to Set Beautiful Free, a charity which rescues women and children from sex slavery and teaches them skills to begin a new life.

Unfortunately, research reveals that approximately 80% of the money raised for human trafficking is spent on awareness programs. Set Beautiful Free believes that awareness is important, but in order to affect change, you must walk with those that suffer. Through opportunities of empowerment such as education and vocational training, along with advocacy initiatives and safe shelter, Set Beautiful free seeks to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking, as well as helping to put an end to this form of slavery forever.

For more information on the amazing work that Set Beautiful Free are doing please visit their website:

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